E Cigarette Starter Kit

E Cigarette Starter KitJoin the revolution – E-Cigs is dubbed as the most advanced and most-user friendly vape pen available on the market today. Forget about ash, flame, tar, carbon monoxide, or second hand smoke – E-Cigs Pro Vapor takes the guilt-free pleasure to “smoking” by letting you vape wherever you want and whenever you want.

Using the most revolutionary device that’s carefully crafted to deliver smoke-like vapor, enjoy absolutely genuine tobacco flavor without the hazards and without the harmful effects of regular tobacco cigarettes.

An Overview of E-Cigs
vapeThe E-Cigs brand of electronic cigarettes is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The brand is well-known for their simple use of advanced technology on their devices, as well as their no-fuss take on e-liquid flavors. With an emphasis on delivering authentic tobacco smoking experiences, their ecigarettes feel like actual tobacco cigarettes due to their light weight and their genuine flavors.

Offering a delicious line up of e-liquids developed by the company’ team of flavor experts, their range of flavor offerings are guaranteed to make your every vaping experience truly satisfying.

Each of their products are manufactured to the highest standards set in the industry, and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, making E-Cigs a worthwhile and risk-free investment.

The brand is also renowned for their topnotch customer service. They feature email support and offer a toll-free number. The company’s main address is also given at the site, which makes it easy for customers to get in contact with the company.

Pros and Cons of E Cigs

img14E-Cigs’ biggest advantage over other brands in the market is their simplicity. Because vaping has become so popular all over the world, brands here and there are developing new bells and whistles that were never there before. Smoking tobacco cigarettes is a simple act – light it up and smoke. What most ecig brands are doing today, however, are making the vaping experience complicated with the use of technology that are not exactly that necessary.

E-Cigs banks on their simplicity and their focus on creating truly authentic and satisfying vaping experiences. All you need to do to start using the vape pens are charge the device, fill it up with an e-liquid, and start inhaling. As the device detects the air flow, the liquid is then turned into water vapor that you exhale – simple.

The disadvantage of the brand, however, is the site’s lack of general information on their products. When you visit the site, all you can find are the products themselves with a few short descriptions and nothing else. There is no information on their manufacturing facility, no user testimonials from actual users, although you can find them on Facebook and other reviews online, and there are no other information about the company except for the address.

In today’s competitive world, there are so many brands out there that promise results, satisfaction, and many promises. E-Cigs only focuses on one thing, and that’s to deliver an authentic tobacco flavor experience.

Benefits and What to Expect

When you choose to buy E-Cigs’ products, expect to enjoy one of the most affordable price ranges in the market. As mentioned, the company doesn’t have the bells and whistles of most new brands in the market today, which makes their products simple and direct-to-the-point. If you’re looking for a budget electronic cigarette with quality that’s at par with most expensive brands, then E-Cigs is your man.

The devices are also very easy to use – unlike other products where you have to learn their ins and outs before you can actually use them. With less parts and less features, E-Cigs offers durable and long-lasting products that provide the individual with the satisfaction and simplicity of vaping with electronic cigarettes.

The brand’s official website does not really state a lot of information on their terms and conditions for their warranty. The site only mentions their warranty once, under the section of starter kits and nowhere else.

The warranty given is 1 year parts warranty, which assumingly is given to individuals who buy the products directly from the site, and for parts that are defective and not damaged due to the fault of the owner.

E-Cigs Starter Kits

There are only 3 starter kits offered by the brand. The first is the Pro Vapor Complete Starter Kit at only $69.99. This starter kit is the company’s flagship product and contains everything you need to get started. It contains 2 clearomizers, 1 lithium-ion battery, a wall adapter, and 1 USB cable.

The E-Cigs Original Starter Kit is at $59.99, which includes 1 advanced E-Cig cartomizer, 1 rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, 5 tobacco-flavored nicotine cartridges, 1 USB charger, 1 wall charger, 1 designer display box, 1 soft-touch hard plastic travel case, 1 20-page manual, and 1 year parts warranty.

The brand also offers a free trial starter kit, which will be discussed further in the last portion of this review.

The company also offers a range of accessories such as batteries, clearomizers, e-liquids, as well as chargers.

User Testimonials

You won’t find any actual user testimonials on the official website of the brand but you can find them on their official Facebook account. Some of these reviews are as follows:

-“no more smelly clothes or odor”
-“completely changed my life”
-“spent a ton of money on ecigs that don’t work. E-Cigs is awesome and feel like the real thing.”
-“It has been 3 months since I started using E-Cigs and it was easy to adjust”
-“It has been 9 months since I smoked a cigarette as I used E-Cigs to quit.”
-“E-Cigs offer full flavors and lots of vapor.”
-“I switched for good after only one day with E-Cig.”

Where to Get E-Cigs
You can get your free trial E-Cigs vape pen starter kits at their official website. Simply submit your information, shipping address, and pay for the basic shipping and handling that costs a mere $9.95. With this amount, you get to enjoy the following:

-1 refillable cartomizers
-1 1110mAh Lithium-ion battery
-1 USB charger
-1 wall charger
-3 bottles of 10mL e-liquids
-1 hard storage case
-1 full instructional booklet

Get to try the starter kit for a full 14 days for free, and if you decide to keep it, your credit card will be charged the complete amount of the kit. If you decide not to keep the starter kit, simply return the products and you won’t have any further obligation to the company.Take advantage of this free trial offer and get started with your journey to a healthier and more exciting “smoking” experience.