How it Works

Electronic cigarettes, smokeless cigarettes or E-cigs are the other names referring to E-cigarettes. An E-cigarette has the shape of a tube, has a battery, an atomizer used to hold liquid and on the end is a colored LED light. Consumption of nicotine is possible by use of E- cigarettes. Nicotine is addictive. Appearance of E-cigarettes resembles that of normal cigarettes. However, smokeless cigarettes do not have a flame, need no need lighting and contain no tobacco.

How it works is similar to that of normal cigarettes. The liquid in the cigarette also known as E-liquid meets the vaporizer resulting to laced- vapor containing nicotine, and smoked on the other end of the stick. Response by the lungs is the same to that of normal cigarettes. Vapor felt in the lungs will cause absorption of nicotine in same patterns. Left over vapor is noticeable before it vanishes during exhalation. The vapor has a smell due to inhalation of flavor for bad smokers. The vapor emitted is common to that seen in fog generators, theaters, concerts, nightclubs and special effects. The smoker regulates flavors and nicotine. Some of the flavors include apple, tobacco, mint, chocolate and many others. Users of E-cigarettes can also get their best brand.

How E Cigs Work

It is also important to know how to use an E-cigarette. Since the E-cigarette packing is in a box, unpack and charge the battery either by use of a USB charger on your phone, using your car, charge it with the car adapter or USB charger, or on the wall using a wall adapter and USB charger.How it works after charging, depends on the connection of the atomized cartridge with the battery. As the cartridge inhalation takes place by mouth, the electronic circuit will work immediately. Operating mode will turn to standby state when atomization and inhalation stop. In conclusion, on should attend to E-liquids and store them where animals and children cannot reach.


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